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Uber Introduces ‘Quiet Mode’

We have all been there! you get into an Uber just looking for a quiet ride and you driver will NOT STOP TALKING! Well worry not because Uber now has a fix for that! The company just introduced  a new feature for passengers who prefer to ride in silence. It’s called “Quiet Mode” and it will…MORE

Game of Thrones Fans Petition for Season 8 Redo

If you want a more clear sign that fans are fed up with the final season of Game of Thrones, how about the news that a petition has been started to have HBO do the entire season over again. The petition to re-do the final season of the hit HBO show has already received a…MORE

Tom DeLonge Plans On Blink-182 Return “In The Future”

These days, former Blink-182 founder Tom DeLonge is focused on his alien research and his band Angles & Airwaves. But the guitarist says he expects to return to his old band at some point. In an interview with Kerrang!, Delonge said “I love Blink and it’s given me everything in my life”, adding “I plan…MORE

Food Truck Fest Coming to Grand Rapids This Weekend

The weather is warming up so that means time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather, and what better way to do that than to eat some amazing food! This weekend the LARGEST food truck rally will be going on at Heartside Park in GR! The Grand Rapids Food Truck Association will be hosting…MORE

Another GOT Flop

Well GOT fans, as if last nights episode wasn’t enough to make you furious this latest flop sure will. Once again, fans noticed a OOPSin this latest episode. Remember when Jamie Lannister had his hand cut off? Well it’s a miracle because somehow his right hand miraculously grew back in a promo shot for last…MORE

Ryan Reynolds Favorite T-Shirt Is From A Bar In Michigan

Ryan Reynolds did an interview with the The New York Times talking about his favorite pieces of clothing, because who doesn’t want to know the fav clothes Mr. Reynolds likes to put on his hot bod. Turns out one of those favorite pieces of clothing is a T-shirt from right here in Michigan. It’s from the the Zukey Lake…MORE

Igloo Is Relaunching Its Picnic Cooler

Igloo is celebrating summer by bringing back their Picnic Basket Cooler in pretty cool neon colors. The bright-colored coolers were discontinued in 1995, but now the cooler is back as part of their “Throwback Collection.” In the collection are the picnic cooler, a Playmate mini and water jug, and a half gallon water jug with…MORE

BREAKING: A Formal Investigation Into The GRPD To Begin

An investigation by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights has been put into action to look into whether there is systemic discrimination by the Grand Rapids Police Department. MDCR Director Agustin Arbulu said during the press conference this morning that “The number of complaints since March 28 represents nearly twice the number of complaints received…MORE

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