Tips on How To Stay Mentally Strong While Social Distancing and Working From Home

It has been a few weeks since Michigan was mandated with stay at home orders.

Those orders are in place until April 13th and it looks like they may be further extended.

It may be difficult to stay positive during this time due to many unknowns.  The future is uncertain and it is a scary time that we are in now.  As a community more than ever it is so important to lean on one another and reach out to those who may be struggling.

Here are some ways to stay mentally strong during this time.

  • Create a routine/schedule for your day

It may be harder to be productive when self quarantining.  Many people are working from home and this may have caused them to lose their typical morning routine.  It is important to still do the things that make you feel motivated.  This includes taking a shower, getting dressed for the day, getting exercise, spending some time outdoors.  It is important that you are still feeling like yourself and able to create some structure and organization for your day.

  • Take a walk in nature

As long as you are staying six feet apart from others, it is completely safe to take a walk outdoors.  This can be great for your body to keep moving and a huge mood booster.

  • Stay active

Many fitness companies and apps are releasing awesome workout videos and virtual yoga classes.  These can be great for you to feel better both physically and mentally and also to get some exercise throughout your day.

  • Face time parties

Just because you are not able to socialize in person does not mean you have to limit your time with the people you love.  You may just need to switch it up a little.  Instead of seeing people in person you can give them a call, write them a letter or even have a face time party.  On face time you are able to talk to multiple lines at the same time-invite you friends for a fun virtual chat together!

  • Rest and practice self care

Allow yourself to heal during this time.  It is a hard time for everyone and we are all going through it. It is okay to not feel okay some days. Take this time to take care of yourself and feel.  Meditate, journal, reach out to a friend during this time.  There are also many therapists and psychologists that are offering virtual sessions during this time.

  • Do things that make you happy

Open all of the shades and let the sunshine in.  Play music and have a dance party in your kitchen.  Drink lots of water in your fanciest champagne glass.  Watch a movie you have always wanted to.

Remember to focus on what is important to you and that this will pass eventually.  We are all in this together and there to support one another. Stay strong and remember to breathe.  You got this!

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