Creative Ways to Stay Entertained While Being at Home

Many of us have been at home for the past few days.  The kids are all home from school, many people are now working from home or currently looking for work and the world is going through an interesting time. We are all required to stay at home during this time to stop the spread of the viruss. Going into quarantine is very  important because by social distancing ourselves we are able to prevent the disease from spreading even more.  This may however,  leave us with alot of free time!  You now have time to work on the latest project you have been dying to finish or pick up a new hobby.  However, if you are bored out of your mind and still trying to figure out what to do.  This list was created just for you!

  • Live Stream with your favorite artists

Many artists from Death Cab for Cutie, Charli XCX to Tori Kelly are taking their music performances to instagram/facebook live.  Dozens of musical artists and entertainers are taking this time to interact with their fans. If you want to get closer than ever to your favorite artist or celebrity, now is the time!

  • Virtual Museums Tour 

You can experience the best museums in the world now right from your couch! There are over 12 museums that are offering virtual tours- these include Guggenheim Museum in New York and the British Museum in London. For more information you can click here.

  • Zoo and Aquarium Live Streams

If you haven’t yet seen the video of the Penguins wandering around Shedd Aquarium after it closing down, you need to check it out right now.  It is guaranteed to make your day a little brighter.  Zoo’s and aquariums are now turning to live streams and daily updates to help entertain people during the coronavirus.

Detroit zoo also has a live stream and you can watch the penguin live cam here 24/7.

  • Subscription sites

Want to try a new subscription streaming services but want to check it out first before committing to paying for it? Many streaming services like hulu and Netflix offer a free 30 day trial.  You can test the site out first and if you don’t love it before the 30 days is up, you can cancel it for free.  Many streaming services like HBO and Disney+ are also offering discounts.

  • Workouts

All Gyms are closed due to the Coronavirus but that does not have to stop you from staying active.  YMCA, Nike and Planet fitness are all offering free online or live streamed workouts during this time! You can stay fit without having to pay a hefty price!

  • Reconnect with an old friend or grandparent

Take some time to call someone you have not talked to in awhile or call up a grandparent.  It is guaranteed to make their day and it is important to stay connected to others especially while we are social distancing.

  • Freshen up your Baking/Learn a new Recipe

Have you always wanted to bake a cake or try your hand at making Grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies? Now is your chance to put your cooking skills to the test and try to bake something new!

  • Invest in a new hobby

Is there something that you have always wanted to learn to do but never had the chance? Now is the time! Pick up the dusty guitar in the corner or the paint set that you got a few Christmases ago.  Here’s your chance to truly spend time learning and practicing a new skill.

It may be difficult and draining  being stuck at home during this time.  Just remember to stay positive and focus on sepnding time doing things that keep your mind and body strong! Hopefully this list will give you some fresh ideas to enjoy while in quarantine.

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