Why Don’t Some Counties Plow At Night?

The weather we’ve been seeing over the past couple of days is nearly unprecedented. With that, many have realized that not all counties plow throughout the night.

The reason ultimately comes down to $$$. Many counties have limited resources and would rather their drivers be on the roads during the highest traffic periods.  The Allegan County Road Commision is one that takes off nights and they have this to say:

“The problem with running a night crew is those that would plow during the night won’t be plowing during the day when most traffic is on the roads.

If we had a full-time night crew, there isn’t much they could do on nights where it wasn’t snowing. On the country roads we maintain, it is typical for our trucks to get stuck or break down as they plow and need our tow trucks to pull them out and mechanics to get them going again.

Funding is limited and having a temporary night crew of drivers and mechanics doesn’t work logistically for the few nights it would be beneficial during the winter.”

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